Sports YouTube Banner

Sports YouTube Banner.. Hello dear visitors of 5fo8, how is everyone, today we offer you a more than unique design for football and sports channels on YouTube, a professional and wonderful YouTube cover for sports channels, an easy-to-modify psd template.

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Sports YouTube Banner

YouTube cover design for sports channels, professionally designed in Photoshop, cover size 2048 * 1152 as recommended by YouTube for 2022, new and exclusive design for 5fo8, a free YouTube cover download.

Sports YouTube Banner


Sports YouTube Banner

Design features:

  1. sports youtube cover
  2. High quality.
  3. YouTube design contains vector shapes.
  4. Designed according to the recommended 2022 YouTube dimensions
  5. Possibility to download without a name or rights.
  6. Social media icons.
  7. YouTube cover size: 2048 * 1152.
  8. Directed to YouTube channels that are interested in football and sports.
  9. Compatible with all screens.
  10. Suitable for YouTube channels that provide match summaries.
  11. Sports YouTube Cover Design contains high quality image of Cristiano Ronaldo.
  12. Football YouTube Banner no text


Download YouTube Cover For Sports Channels Psd Template:

And now with YouTube cover download. For a sports channel. or football. Sports YouTube Cover Design Template PSD. Easy to edit, cover size is 2048*1152, direct download mediafire


  • File size: 12.7MB
  • Name: sport01.psd
  •  File Type: Photoshop psd

Download link: here

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