youtube channel cover art

 youtube channel cover art .. Hello everyone, today we present to you a more than wonderful cover design for YouTube channels, a design suitable for most YouTube channels. An open source psd template that is easy to edit.

youtube channel cover art

YouTube cover for personal channels or public channels on YouTube, measuring 2048 * 1152, responsive to all screens, modern YouTube design.

youtube channel cover art

Every YouTube channel must have a distinct banner to attract attention and promote brand growth. Through this article, we offer you youtube channel cover art for free. You may have a new YouTube channel and you have not yet created a custom cover for your channel, you can download this The template can be customized and modified to fit your YouTube channel. The template was created in Photoshop according to the recommended YouTube cover dimensions. Cover size is 2048 * 1152, we put it in your hands for free.

A free and easy-to-modify YouTube banner template, we offer it to you for free. The template is from my own work and is directed to most YouTube channels, and I share it with you, enjoy.

A good YouTube banner gives followers an up-close look at your channel.

Therefore, the design should be attractive, through colorful and coordinated graphics that are not too light and disturbing to the eye.

And the YouTube banner must be appropriate for your brand, in terms of the presence of the logo, text, and font type.

The goal is to grab visitors' attention, to know more about the YouTube channel, and to come back to it again.

Design preview:

youtube channel cover art

youtube channel cover art

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Design features: youtube channel cover art

  1. Suitable for most YouTube channels.
  2. YouTube cover size 2048 * 1152.
  3. Easy to modify.
  4. Free psd template.
  5. Social media icons.
  6. A place for a profile picture.
  7. Fast download.
  8. Modern design.
  9. You can download the design as a .png image without text.
  10. Free lines.

download youtube banner template

Download premium personalized YouTube cover for YouTube channels, size 2048*1151 as open source PSD file, feel free to visit 5fo8 to download more custom YouTube templates.

Information about the download file:

  • Name: cover 4
  • Size: 4MB
  • Type: photoshop file


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