game youtube banner

game youtube banner .. Today on 5fo8 I present to you a more than wonderful design for YouTube channels that are interested in games according to the ideal and recommended YouTube cover measurements for the year 2023.

game youtube banner

 game youtube banner

You have a YouTube channel that is interested in games, or you have started a new channel and you are in need of a custom design for the cover of the channel. You are in the right place. I present to you, through this post, a professional design for gaming channels, designed through Photoshop with the latest methods to achieve your satisfaction, and it measures 2048 * 1152, taking into account the appearance Design with the best image on different screens such as computers and mobile devices.

Watch game design

game youtube banner

youtube cover without text

Design features:

  1. Distinctive cover for gaming channels.
  2. Contains social media icons.
  3. Modern design.
  4. The cover can be fully customized.
  5. Photoshop template completely free.
  6. Download the design without any text.

Download game youtube banner

Download a more than professional YouTube cover design for channels that are interested in gaming content, easy to customize through Photoshop or online editing sites.

Information about the file:

  • Name: gaming
  • Size: 2.20 MB
  • Type: Photoshop psd file

Download: here

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