youtube channel art template

 youtube channel art template Hello 5fo8 followers, today I present to you a design for a YouTube banner for cooking channels, more than wonderful, a distinctive black color.

youtube channel art template

The YouTube cover image is the first thing that falls on the eye of visitors to your YouTube channel, so you must create a professional design that attracts more followers. Photoshop is a layered organizer template that is easy to customize and modify.

Youtube cover size

The cooking design for YouTube channels was created according to the guidelines recommended by YouTube, and it measures 2048 * 1152 in black color, which is more than wonderful.

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Design preview:

youtube channel art template

cooking art template

Design features:

  1. Simple and professional design of cooking channels.
  2. Social media icons.
  3. Black color.
  4. HD shapes.
  5. youtube banner template png .
  6. psd template .
  7. free download .
  8. Easy to customize.
  9. Free fonts were used in the design.
  10. youtube banner template no text 2048 x1152 .

Download youtube channel art template for cooking channels

And now with a link to download a PSD template dedicated to cooking channels that is easy to modify through Photoshop or PSD file editing sites online.

Download: here

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