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 youtube banners 2048x1152 .. Hello everyone, we present to you a more than wonderful YouTube cover design for fitness channels. A very beautiful, amazing design for YouTube channels.

youtube banners 2048x1152

Welcome to the 5fo8 site to download a free banner for YouTube channels. Today we offer you to download a beautiful and wonderful YouTube cover for fitness channels.

YouTube background images are first impressions and an opportunity to show yourself and your brand. Through this article, we offer you an amazing template for YouTube channels and all together you can download it and customize it according to your needs.

This fitness cover was designed using Photoshop and based on the dimensions of the YouTube cover, in order to attract the attention of your YouTube visitors.

When you create a cover for your YouTube channel, you want it to stand out and make a good impression on visitors. This is what you find in our designs that we offer you.

You don't have to master design software to create a professional YouTube banner for your channel, we provide it to you in a few steps and don't waste a lot of precious time creating a custom design.

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Design features:

  1. Easy to adjust.
  2. Full customization.
  3. Very professional design.
  4. Bodybuilding Channel YouTube Cover was designed in Photoshop using the latest techniques.
  5. Contains vector shapes.
  6. The PSD file can be edited through Photoshop or through the photopea website.
  7. size of the YouTube cover is 2048 * 1152
  8. High quality design.
  9. Free fonts used in the design.
  10. Fitness banner design.

View design:

youtube banners 2048x1152

Download youtube banners 2048x1152 fitness channels PSD template

And now we come to the link to download the YouTube banner for fitness channels in the form of a fully customizable psd template.

the information

1- File name:cym

2- File size:2.14 mb

3- File Format: PSD

4- Download Center: Google Drive

Download link



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